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    • RT @justintarte: If a kid turns something in late, it doesn't mean they know the standard any less. When we reduce their grade, that's what… 2 weeks ago
    • RT @alicekeeler: I have yet to make the perfect lesson, why do we think it's an insult that someone suggests it could be better? DUH of cou… 3 weeks ago
    • RT @CarolJago: If you want kids to love reading, let them read what they love. 1 month ago
    • RT @SteeleThoughts: You never know what kids are dealing with at home. Always be kind. Always be patient. Always be gracious. Always. #cla1 month ago
    • RT @justintarte: Tired of grading? Consider: When kids self-assess & track their own progress, learning goes up & your workload goes down.… 1 month ago